Struggle for leisure

Today, partying is almost a daily basis. Have fun, be funny, entertain others. Let’s all be party kings & dancing queens. Here lays the STRUGGLE FOR LEISURE series: with religious painting schemes and Last Supper-like compositions, it shows groups of characters trying to enjoy their leisure.
With this series my intent is to give a portrayal of a drifting youth, caught in between pressure of the entertainment and the pessimism of a western society in crisis. From pictures of relatives (which offer snapshots, backgrounds, details, and attitudes closer to truth than a model’s poses) I came up with typical scenes and organized them according to different themes: dance, flirt, conversation and non-verbal language…
I started with miniature-like watercolors on paper and middle-sized oils on linen. My goal is to achieve the whole series in big format paintings. This series is composed of eight pictures.

Summer in Spain

Three paintings : a bunch of friends together on vacation in Spain, three scenes in chronological order : I – Dusk, end of dinner; II – Drunkeness, Dance; III – Dawn.

Pep Talk

Two paintings: 2 x 2 + 1 and VIRGINS AND THEIR SQUIRE. On couple, boys-girls relations and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Dance in France

Two dance scenes, a Boys and a Girls version. Urban young people dance in an appartment. Study of the ritualized ballet of approach and seduction. BOYS VERSION in blue shades, GIRLS VERSION in pink shades, because they are young and naive.


The peaceful one. Attempt to depict a moment of relative unity and comprehension between friends.

Other versions